My Mom and I have been searching for a scooter for her to use on trips. We came across the omegastores scooter in Wallingford. Read the reviews and complaints but the complaints about the electricscooter are not even real. Because both she and I didn't see the point of trying to rent a "mobility cart" that may or may not be there by the time we reach the park (Disneyland, Seaworld, etc.). We looked at several different types and decided on the EMS-48 scooter after watching several videos on Youtube, and reading any reviews we could find.

First off the scooter is bumper to bumper 60" long, but its wheel base is smaller and we bought a 50" ramp for it (just ordered it will post more once it gets here). The color is more of a safety cone orange which is one of the reasons that drew me to it in the first place, because it makes it easier to spot. The other reasons I liked this model so much was because it has a loud horn that cannot be ignored, its fast at 18mph if needed it can also go as slow as 1/2 a mile an hour, and its long battery life.

Operation: My Mom was wary of buying this because you have to twist the right handle to make it move. However, it is very easy to turn and does not but any unnecessary strain on the wrist. You put in reverse via a little sliver toggle switch, and it maneuvers really well. We drove it in our house a lot but due to its size I don't see making tight corners a reality.

Additional features:

Trunk space - we both like the fact you can only open it up with a key.




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I found none of the negative comments to be true. I got this scooter for myself for my 60 birthday. I have bad knees and this scooter works great for me. I'm able to ride on the sidewalks around our town, go to the store, fast food, bank or just ride around for some fresh air. I have a pride mobility scooter that goes with me in the car, but needed something faster and sturdier to ride around town. This old lady has had it up to 15mph and feels totally safe.